Skin Deep

Skin Deep Illustration - Low Res 2.jpg

I am very proud and excited to announce that I will be show casing the Skin Deep garden at this years RHS Chelsea Flower Show. 

Skin Deep is a conceptual garden and has been created for an established UK skin care company. Concrete blocks have been used to represent different human faces and skin conditions. Each one represents a different condition that could affect any one of us over a lifetime.

Our outer layer reflects our life story and reveals to the world our joys, stresses and worries in the form of everything from birthmarks to wrinkles. It is a window into our genetic past. This concept is echoed in the garden’s textural planting scheme.

The plants used have been chosen for their form and texture, reflecting different skin conditions. Small pools of water add a reflective quality and are symbolic of the necessity of water to maintain healthy skin. The path leads through a virtual cityscape sculpture to an area for contemplation on the story our own skin tells.