Block #1


It started with a block

From now until after the RHS Chelsea Flower Show I will be documenting the design process, the lead up to the show, the build and my experiences during the show. It will be a pleasure to share this adventure with you and to show you sneak peeks of the garden as we get closer to May.

Designs can start in a variety of ways. A finished design has usually been precided by a number of versions and Skin Deep is no exception. The garden is constantly being tweaked and changed. I can't tell you how many redesigns I have created and how many plants have been deleted from plant lists, then added and then deleted again!

For Skin Deep, at first I created lots of sketches, computer images and layouts but it didn't really become alive until I held this block (see below). When we were lucky enough to get Chiltern GRC on board, Carl sent me one sample block to take with me to meetings with sponsors and I carried this block all over London. This small tactile cube represented so much. The garden has evolved drastically since the start but this block has been present almost every step of the way and will always be important to me.