How We Work

Robert Barker Design is committed to providing its clients with a personal, professional, bespoke garden and landscape design service, from start to finish and beyond. We will work closely with you from the initial meeting to the completion of the project, always with a mind to your budget and expectations. No matter the size of your project Robert Barker Design can help any outdoor space reach it's full potential.



The first step will begin with a meeting with you on site to discuss your brief and for us to really get to know the space, considering facts such as aspect, existing structures and services, drainage, access and the surrounding environment.

Design Concept

During this brainstorming stage we combine sketches and material samples together to create a personal and bespoke design for each of our customers. The concept design plan will be accompanied with visuals to help bring the ideas to life. The design will then be refined to accommodate your feedback.

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Detailed Plan

Once the concept plan has been finalised a detailed master plan will be created to aide the process of implementing the design. This will include construction drawings and material specifications. Every aspect of the project will be detailed and will include lighting schemes and irrigation.


We use a network of highly skilled landscape contractors with whom we have worked with previously to acquire quotes for each project. Each will be briefed on the required works and will receive full detailed plans. Following a site visit they will provide a quotation which we will analyse and forward to you for discussion. Any concerns or questions will be welcome at this stage.




We will design and create a tailored and bespoke planting plan. Following the principal of ‘right plant, right place’, the planting scheme created will provide interest throughout the year. Plants will be selected for their horticultural compatibility, structure, form with a focus on rhythm and repetition. Whether you are a keen gardener, or a complete novice, we will work with you on every step.

As no two gardens are the same, we are pleased to offer a wide range of services tailored to fit your specific needs:

  • Landscape master planning and site planning

  • Planning submissions

  • Contract administration and site supervision

  • Landscape management and maintenance plans

  • Annual visits to review a gardens development

We welcome your enquiry whether your garden needs a new lease of life, you require a full garden design or you would just like to explore some ideas.

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